Just Lost Everything

So I decided to delete 2 datasets and re-create a new dataset with the same name as one that I had deleted… Bad idea. Then I tried to edit the timeline (Unexpected Error Contact Support). My region still has all of the info, but I can’t edit it. I go back to datasets… “No data in table” Ummm what?

I check layout - still content being displayed in the region… but I have no datasets? Despite there having to be datasets to feed the region information.

I’m extremely lost right now, and feel defeated - was 98% done my project. Days of work :frowning:

On what CMS version are you currently please? Upgraded to 1.8.2?

Is it docker or custom/manual installation?
If it’s not docker, could be please give us details about your server environment?

We might need to see this in your CMS to know what actually went wrong there, we would be happy to take a look and try to fix it for you via commercial support, if that’s of interest to you please contact us

Alternatively, please go through Report Fault wizard and show us the logs with relevant errors - before you upload them here, please make sure there is no sensitive information on there, or send it to me via private message.

Hey there,

I am on 1.8.2 running Docker.

My datasets have magically returned this morning (sorry for the panic in that regard, but as you can imagine I was terrified). The unexpected error on the timeline still exists so I can’t edit my region.

This all started when I removed a dataset that was applied to a ticker inside my timeline.

I can send my troubleshoot.zip however I don’t think I have the ability to PM?

Error I can confirm …

Yes, I’ve confirmed that here - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1229

It’s impossible to delete the affected ticker/dataSet view widget from the web ui, it is however possible to delete it via API

If you don’t have postman (or similar) application added to your CMS, now is a good time to do it, instructions are here - 1.8 API Introduction

Now in regards to this particular issue, we will need to remove the ticker widget via API.

1 - Get to know the playlist id, to do that we will use the following call

GET {{url}}/api/layout?layout=YOURLAYOUTNAME&embed=regions,playlists

Please replace the ‘YOURLAYOUTNAME’ with your affected layout name to filter the results of the call.

Get the correct playlist id from the response

2 - Get to know the widget ID we want to remove, we will use the following call

GET {{url}}/api/playlist/widget?playlistId={playlistId}

Please replace the {playlistId} with the id of your playlist

3 - Delete the affected ticker id from the playlist, we will use the following call

DELETE /playlist/widget/{widgetId}

Replace the widgetId, with the id of your affected ticker widget.

If something needs clarification, please do let me know.