It is possible a Ticker run endlessly


it is possible a Ticker run endlessly .

the ticker scrolls from right to left. Source is a Dataset

now it looks like:
Text 1 - Text 2 - Text 3 - … runs completely out of the picture … Text 1 - Text 2 …

I would like to
Text 1 - Text 2 - Text 3 - Text 1 - Text 2 …


Hi Marcel,

That depends on quantity of items, length of items and effect speed with that you can reduce the time when there is ‘nothing’ on the ticker (ie when all the items scrolled from right to left).

But in general it does work as you said, it scrolls through all the items in the dataset, then there is about 1s moment when there is nothing and then it’s starts again. I hope it’s not too irritating for you?

The rss feeds are a bit different if you’d use for example with the same setting, lets say title only with marquee effect then it will be closer to what you’d like to see.

We’d be happy to take any contributions for better marquee rendering - we’ve had many goes at it over the past N years and at present have settled on a jquery plugin as the best option:

If you use the horizontal scroll effect, then it will go endlessly but only 1 article at a time.