Issues with player displaying embedded content

Hi All, am having a big issue trying to display an embedded content that i have designed. We are a school that is using xibo in our playground and want to display our house points live feed. I have created a layout for this and scheduled it in to the player this works fine but the player does not display the full content.

See the images

I have tried to change the registry to enable IE11 emulator but it is already done.

We are using CMS: 1.8.1
Player is using: 1.8.2

Player is Windows 7 64bit Ent - IE11 is installed

I have also going into ie11 to see if the browser can view the webpage correctly, it can.

Please can you help thanks

It could be good to confirm that those browser emulation settings are in the correct path, as there is a bug about it in 1.8.2 player.

Is this embed page available over the internet? ie if you’d send me the layout should I be able to see it?
If so, please send me the exported layout via private message and I’ll try to run it here.

Hi Peter will send you it now thanks, yes the link is public

Hi Peter i’m new to this forum how do i send it privately to you?