Issues with Overlay & Regular with always with regular with daily


My displays shows :

  • An Overlay “L” always layout with : logo, weather, clock in vertical and ticker in horizontal bottom line

  • An regular always layout (inside the L overlay layout) with PDF, images etc

  • A special daily layout (between 12AM and 2PM, with recurring daily option) showing TV News streaming with a priority at 1 to be shown in front of the regular always layout (with the overlay layout of course)

at 12AM the special daily layout start in front of the regular layout BUT at 2PM when it suppose to stop until tomorrow it continues and the regular layout is not showned again

Do you have an idea to resolve this small issue ? i’m sure it’s a stupid trick somewhere

Thanks in advance

Is that on Windows or Android or webOS player?

Could you also tell us what CMS and player versions you using?

Depending on your answers to the above I’ll have follow up questions :slight_smile:

Hi Peter
Windows players and version last-1
We will update to last version soon

Ok, could you look in the player local library for a file called schedule.xml and show me how does that look like please?