Issues with erratic on/off switching of an WEBOS display

Hello all,
we are just starting with XIBO (on premise). Unfortunately we have issues with an LG lg 55xe4f with a (licensed) XIBO Webos player.
The display is in the same LAN, but in a different VLAN.
The time setting is ok.
The screen should switch on at 08:00 PM an switch off at 10:00 PM.
These times are defined

  • in the settings of the display itself,
  • in the settings of the webos profile of the display in XIBO.

Unfortunately, the display will switch on and off at more or less eratic times, not at the defined times.
How can I debug it? Has anybody a hint?
How is the switch on from XIBO done? With wake up on LAN?
Thanks in advance …’

Hi Guido,

I am experiencing the same issue with five LG 43UL3J units that were installed two weeks ago. Although a timer was activated, the displays are not consistently adhering to the schedule. Sometimes they activate as expected, but other times they do not. Additionally, the units stop at random intervals—sometimes after one hour, sometimes after two, three, or four hours. It’s quite erratic, almost as if it’s happening automatically. But when they stop, they basically stop “together”.

Do you have any news regarding your issue?

Thank you.

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Hi Arnaud,

I did the following:

  • do not try to switch on/Off the Display with XIBO,
  • Set the Switch Times in webos to 8:00 and 22:00.

Now the Display Starts at 8:00 correctly and Switch Off at 11:55 every day, which I do not understand.