Issues with dynamic playlists

Scenario: Xibo4 installation without docker / Windows 10 Player
I’m facing some problems with dynamic playlists:

1 - The videos are running muted, and I can’t find an option to enable the audio;
2 - when I add a new video, the playlist is updated, the player
it downloads the media some time later, but it does not display the new playlist item.

the player still displays the message:
dependency: fonts.css (NaN%) and you can’t download the fonts

I would really appreciate some help.
I’ve searched all the forums and haven’t found the answer I need.
I configured the Layout and the dynamic playlist, but when I remove items from the playlist, they are not automatically removed from the player, I need to edit and publish the layout again for this to happen.
Likewise, when I add new items to the playlist, the player even downloads the new video, but does not show it, until I edit and publish the layout again.

I installed two servers with Xibo, one on version 3 and one on version 4.
I can’t make dynamic lists work 100% in any of them.
Another thing I noticed is that in version 4 the videos in the dynamic lists are muted, and I don’t find the option to remove the mute.

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