Issues with Displays

Player Version

v3-R305.1 (Windows)
CMS 3.2.0 (Docker Windows)


We have set up a test Docker environment (Windows) with a single display to test out the features and functions to compare with our very old signage system but had hit some issues with updating the content on the player units.

We had previously been using CMS 3.1.4 and had only updated to 3.2.0 in the last few days to see if the issue with not updating was improved but seems we now have a new error message but essentially the same issue.

I did a test and change the schedule a few times and it had updated within 6 seconds and that is great, but I did a reboot of the player (Using send commands) and then it just stopped talking completely and I am getting an error “InvalidCipherTextException” (image below)
That error appears to be new to CMS 3.2 however the issue of the player just not updating seems to be the same as before, I hadnt noticed the error before so assume its only new to CMS 3.2.0

Looking at the log window on the Display it seems to be communicating with the CMS but it just doesn’t appear to be updating to the new content even on the 5 minute collection interval that was set in the Display settings on CMS

Restored previous CMS version from backup (3.1.5) and still had the same issue.

I have installed the older player version (v3-R303.0) and get a different error message but appears to essentially produce the same outcome where the player just will not update the content
Screenshot 2022-09-30 114133
EDIT: Realised the error that I captured was actually the same as the one before, but I had seen one that was from the same module but had a different error

I have had varying levels of success after rebooting the machine and sometimes it will switch the content quickly and other times it just sits there and appears to do nothing

I will try restoring back to my original 3.1.4 and check for the error message

Be aware with restoring (only docker version) that it will let you keep the updated database (in the shared folder for docker)

In this case I had deleted the data folder and restored the copy I had made before doing the original update so the database should not have been updated but since its a test environment it is possible for us to test setting it up from scratch again

Hmm, i have done the same before we went live with Xibo. Tested alot and moved the database around alot. Just before going live including going to docker, i tried and tested the migration from database CMS to Docker. Luckily no issues and now running great after 1 year including several docker updates.

Could also be that your database has the wrong collation after rebuilding it. It is still a CMS environment which I learned it is not really reliable if you are testing alot including updates!

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