Issues uploading files larger then 2GB

I’ve run into an issue using Xibo Version 1.8.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS with Docker and have been running into a problem uploading media that is exceeding the 1999mb set maximum. I’ve done some digging on the community forums here and found some information and some potential workarounds I have tried but with no success so far. I have tried adding “LimitRequestBody to 0” in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf but when I attempt to upload a file exceeding 2GB it appears to freeze for a minute or so. I then am met with a dialog box that states that a script has stopped working and I can choose to either cancel it, or continue the action – if continuing the file appears to upload until reaching the 100% mark where it then displays that the file is too large. I’m using this setup as a media streaming device so a lot of the files are larger than 2GB.

Any possible assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The version of PHP we use won’t support files bigger than 2GB.

When we have support for PHP7 you will be able to do it then.

Thanks for responding, is there a timeline for that? Previously, I had Xibo 1.7.5 and was able to upload files without any limitations

You were likely using a newer version of PHP than we package.

PHP7 support is largely there from our side. We’re waiting on some of the libraries that we depend on to support it before we can support it for the CMS.

Is it possible for me to upgrade the PHP version in my Docker container or would that break something?

You could potentially upgrade it to PHP 5.6, and have support, but we’ve not developed or tested with that, so I can’t say if you will then encounter issues.

If you do go down that road, please can you be sure to mention what you’ve done in any support case as otherwise we’ll assume you’re using the shipped containers.