Issues setting up CMS

I’m trying to set up the CMS following this page:, however i have run into an issue with the pre-requisites. I get to the first step ‘Welcome to the Xibo Installation’ and when i check the list it gives me, i have a cross on ‘File System Permissions’ and an exclamation mark on ‘Large File uploads’. Now with the ‘File System Permissions’ I’m not sure where to find the settings.php and install.php files to check their permissions. However with the ‘Large file uploads’ I followed step 13 on this page: but still get the same exclamation mark. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. This is the first time i’ve set something like this up.

install.php is in the root of the files you extracted from our ZIP archive. settings.php is created in the same place, meaning the folder needs write permission (so that we can create the file).

For file upload size, can you check off the items in here:

Thanks for the reply. That did seem to sort the issue out :slight_smile:

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