Issues only assessed by client

I am having issues with my layouts…

Issue 1)
I uploaded a jpg and when assigning the image widget to a layout it gives me an error stating that the image is too large… the duration is 10 seconds and the image played before I upgraded to 2.2.2

Issue 2)
I am trying to assign a png file to a layout and the error states “There’s are items that can only be assessed by the client”

After reading this forum I haven’t found any resolutions to this issue. I have checked on tasks and clicked run now on image processing. It doesn’t seem like it is running.

The layout also will not play on the client.

I do have a custom installation on a godaddy shared hosting and it has worked perfect until I upgraded to 2.2.2. When installing initially all check boxes were there for prerequisites.

PHP 7.1
MySQL 5.6

any ideas on what I can do to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance!

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