Issue with Wake-ON-LAN 1.8.2 &1.8.3

Dear nice people,

I have installed XIBO 1.8.2 and 1.8.3 CMS in Centos 7 with docker. Installation was really easy and the software is very much user friendly.

Clients on a windows 10 and in a mini computer.(Computer has general BIOS with wake-on-lan enabled) When I click wake-on-lan on the XIBO interface, it is coming up with following message.

“This display has no mac address recorded against it yet. Make sure the display is running.”

It has MAC address next to the display.Not sure if this a bug or I missed something.

“10 SCREEN1 2017-12-04 11:41 E0:D5:5E:1A:44:75”

Anyone had the same issue or any idea of fixing this ?

Thanks in advance

Is the WoL configured on the Edit display form?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Enable Wake on LAN ticked and set a time under Wake on LAN time. Anything else need doing ?


The message there might be slightly unfortunate, as it will show it when there is no macAddress OR broadcastAddress.

You could try to set the broadcastAddress, it needs to be the broadcast for the LAN subnet that the device is in.

Then test it by sending the WoL to that display.

I have rebuild the server with 1.8.3 and I got it working

It works only when I put display IP Address as broadcast IP Address. However, wake-on-lan time doesn’t work. That will be really usefult if we can WOL to a specific time.

Issue is not our network as we have other application running WOL on cross VLAN and it works. I have configure switches to enable magic packets on cross vlans.

Any suggestion ?



I have setup maintenance script enable on settings. Still WOL schedule not working.

Any help will be much appreciated


WoL ‘schedule’ ie it does not run at the specified time?

It should run with the regular maintenance task I believe.

Could you look at the ‘Tasks’ page in CMS and see what’s the status of that task please?

When you test it on Displays page, then that works?

I have fiddle around that. unfortunately, there were no luck.

I manage to do that on cron in Centos and got a work around.

Thanks for your support.