Issue with Time settings different on CMS and Clients

Hi, I hope someone can help. We are running Version 1.7.6 of the CMS and most of the clients are Android version 1.7 revision 64, except for 2 newer clients which are 1.8 version 104.

On the CMS time is set to London and on the clients “Use CMS Time?” box is ticked.

The issue is the times appear to be wrong - in the “Displays” screen the “Last Accessed” time is 1 hour ahead of current time.
However if I set up a clock widget it displays the correct time.
I can’t get scheduling to work properly because of this. I guess it’s something to do with British Summer Time, but can’t figure out how to sort it and would welcome ideas?

It would be a good idea to upgrade the CMS and player to more recent versions, I don’t recall 1.7 series having those issues, however that series is few years old at this point.

Upgrading at least to the newest 1.8 release (1.8.13) and players to R108 would be recommended.

1.8 series had some issues related to timezones, however that should work correctly in 1.8.13.

Thanks Peter, will our 1.7 client licenses work OK with the upgraded CMS?

Existing 1.7 devices will continue to work against CMS upgraded to 1.8, however in general it would be a good idea to upgrade the players to 1.8 as well - which may require a purchase of Xibo for Android licence upgrades if you don’t have them available at the moment.

Alternatively, you could make a smaller step for now and just upgrade the CMS to 1.7.10 and see if that resolves the problem.

Hi Peter, how do I update the CMS please? The CMS is on a DS Devices DSS1. I have downloaded the zip files for 1.7.10, but how do I apply this to the CMS? thanks Cliff

I have the same issue. In a rss ticker i display an rss-feed with the snippet [Title] and [Date].
The time shows then also a time one hour ahead. In the settings we have the following date-format: d-m-Y H:i.

What can be this issue?

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