Issue with schedule an event in the future

Hi @all,

im using xibo 1.8.2 on xampp and have issues with scheduling of events in the future. I can select the date from calender (from…to), can set the time (from…to) but all events are saved on current day, instead of the planed day…

Someone who has the same issue?

Could you show me how does it look like ie the schedule even add/edit form and then your calendar in CMS please?

I don’t recall anything similar to this, what’s in the CMS regional settings?

Hi Peter,

regional settings are set to “en_EN”, auto detect language OFF.
I´ve tried it also with DE, but got the same issue, can´t schedule an event “start date” “end date”, the events are scheduled then for daylight or for whole current day.

it should be en_GB if you mean to have in English, what’s the date format and timezone in CMS, server and PC?

I would need see your schedule, it’s hard for me to say where the problem is without it.

Hi Peter,

that´s what i have scheduled:

and that´s what xibo has scheduled:

date format in cms: H:i
time zone server: GMT+2 (Europe, Berlin)
time zone PC: GMT+2 (Europe, Berlin)

That makes sense then, you can’t have just H:i in your date format.

As the name, ‘date’ format suggest, it would be good to have year month day there as well

Could you change it to the default Y-m-d H:i

…sometimes the solution is soo simple! Thank you Peter! The date format in CMS i left on “default” value.


You can move it around if you prefer to have d-m-Y H:i or similar, but the date itself needs to be in the date format :slight_smile: in any case I’m glad that was it.