Issue with permissions duplicated when uploading new content


We are facing an issue when uploading new content in the library.
The steps we did are:

  1. add content to the library
  2. edit the item and upload new content. selected “delete old version”.

Now when you look at the permissions of the item you see that everyone is showing 2 times.
editing again, uploading new content will add another everyone…

It an item is changed many times (over 60 times) the new item is not showed on screen anymore.

What CMS version are you using please?

Sorry forgot to mention that. version is 1.7.9

Could you show me a screenshot with this issue please?

You upload media file to CMS library, presumably assign to a layout,
Then edit media file and delete old revision / presumably update in all layouts, correct?

Does that process duplicates something in permissions tab? It seems to work fine for me last time I checked

Here are the pictures from what I’ve done.
created a new item.
edit the item from the library and uploaded new content.
Now you can see that there are 2 “everyone” groups.