Issue adding Certain Displays in 1.8.1


I just did a fresh install of CMS 1.8.1 and successfully added a display to it. However, I have two other machines that I cannot add to the CMS. When I try I get an error message in the Player options that says “There has been an unknown error with XMDS, it has been logged. please contact your administrator.”

In the logs on my CMS, I get this error message.

Any ideas?


It would appear that your new displays are unable to determine a “name” for themselves - which is usually the computer name.

I’m not sure why that would be the case (its not happened before!)

There is a file in your player installation folder, called default-config.xml, inside that, there is:


Could you try editing that name and restarting the player?

I changed that bit to PBD1 and got the same
error message.

Hmm - OK, in your configured library folder, do you have a file called config.xml? If so, inside that file will be the same string mentioned previously. Can you change that too?

It worked! Upon changing the library file to match the install folder file the display added without a hitch. For some reason the code in the library folder was written as <DisplayName /> instead of <DisplayName>COMPUTERNAME</DisplayName>.

There’s a couple other things like that in there too though. <LogToDiskLocation />, <ShellCommandAllowList />, <SplashOverride />, and <Commands />.

(I added in the space after the “<” in those examples so that they would show up in the reply. But the second space before the “/>” is actually in the config file.

EDIT: i’ve used backticks to format those bits properly

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It is safe for those other settings to be empty - display name being empty is really odd though, it should have tried to substitute COMPUTERNAME with your actual computer name, and I can only assume it couldn’t get that for some reason.

I’m glad its working!

Hm. Well thank you very much for your assistance!

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