Issu with layout Action

Hey All,
actually, we are using an PowerPoint and an Touch Monitor to Display Informations for our Customer.
Now, i want to get this in Xibo with the nice Function “Actions”.
I’ve configure it and want to test it but get this Error on the Player:

The Details:

I’ve a Dashboard, there are three Buttons:

  1. German Navigation
  2. English Navigation
  3. German Navigation, to

From This Layout to the two other works fine(Navigation Englisch an German). In the German and English Navigation are 7 Buttons:
1 - 4, for four different Information Layouts
5. The “Home Button” (The Navigation from the current Language)
6. Switch Language German
7. Switch Language English

now the confusing. All Layouts which are active on the “Dashboard”, the start Up Layout working.
All Others on the Navigation Layout except the Layouts which known from the Dashboard Layout not working.

I’ve test something, if I Add an Region for each Layout with the right action code on the Dashboard Layout all Actions on the Navigation Layouts works.

Hopefully you understood my Explaning.

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