Is Xibo right for us?

Good Afternoon!

We are looking to create a video wall in our new office, but are trying to do it on a budget… We have looked at a few options, including Userful, Monitors Anywhere and a few more. Xibo seems like it may be a good bet for us, but I need to be sure it is capable of doing what we need, any advice would be welcome!

We have 6 65" displays in a 1x6 format (Single row of 6) there are 3 on one side of a wall, and 3 on the other. The desired effect is a short of “wrap around” where our logo will scroll from the first display to the last display on the other side of the wall. Following that a photo slideshow would play on each display. Then ack to the logo going around.

Is this something that can be accomplished using Xibo? would it be a difficult thing to accomplish?

Assuming you could get a Windows PC to output to all 6 screens as a single extended monitor, then you could do something along the lines of what you want.

Xibo would see it as one very large display, so you wouldn’t have control of each screen individually.

Xibo doesn’t have any internal support for building video walls directly - so it relies on the operating system the Player is running on to bond the screens in to a whole.

We create templates with regions set for each screen location. Works well, and also gives the ability to have large custom videos span across the entire wall