Is it possible to run Server and client on Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC?

I’ve read it is possible to run server and client on the same system.
But is the Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC fast enough??

I’d like to make a a digital signage screen in our dentist waiting room.
We have a server running, but this is primarily for the patients system and I don’t want to experiment with that system.

The screen is supposed to show some RSS-feed, some video, some text.

a) Probably. If all you’re doing is running one screen, sure.
b) I personally have had issues with the Intel sticks. They seem to be randomly crashing and hanging (with Android, Windows and Linux) whenever they get hot. I have two of them so it’s not a single hardware problem, it’s a thermal packaging thing. Also, the fan is noticeable.

I’m actually using that exact model in a school right now - I have yet to throw a huge amount of content at it, only an RSS feed, twitter and some pictures so far, but in testing it for the last week it has been very stable. Before purchasing other had mentioned issues with wireless, so we are using it with a USB ethernet dongle. I don’t know about server and client on the same display though, these don’t exactly have a lot of space available on them.

thank you for replying.
I think I will purchase the intel stick and give it a try.
The screen is an extra service to the patient while waiting.