Is it possible to cascade CMS Server?

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just an idea.
Is it possible to cascade multiple CMS hosting Servers?
The idea is to establish one “Master” CMS Server which is able to “controll” multiple “Slave” CMS servers.

e.g.: You administrate your Displays and Users at Point A. The content and Layouts are hosted at point B or C or D.

I´m not sure if my post is as clear as it should be. But I tried! :wink:

Thanks in advanced.

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It isn’t possible to do this - although in 1.8 you could use the API to achieve it (you’d need to do some coding to get that done of course).


Dear Dan,

could I ask you for some hints or explanations where I get the informations to make this possible?

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Sure - there is a bunch of information on the API in 1.8 here: