Is it possible for xibo on Rasbperry pi

I want to startup xibo project on rasbperry pi .Is it possible?

Yes, some people had success using it - Unsupported Raspberry Python Xibo client - We may help you!

We don’t recommend/support it, because python client is no longer supported.
There is a topic where community discuss player that could work on Linux, you can have a look here Replacement Player for the discontinued Ubuntu Python Client

Also if you are using a Rasbperry pi for the low cost, then you might want to look in to android devices. It would be less setup and hassle IMO and not worth savings around $30.

Layout design is independent. so I preferd xibo …and I dont know about andriod device development.

Xibo has an Android Player - Derrick is suggesting that instead of a RPi you use an Android player running Xibo for Android.

What about Python ubundu client?