Invalid layout after layout updates

Hi there, i am experiencing same problem on three xibo installation i now have tried.

Xibo 1.8.2 with docker toolbox on win7 pro (3 different pc’s)

I create a layout with one region and text “enter text here” save and schedule. and it gets published on the player…
If i then add some text to the layout or any other change then it does not get downloaded on the player.

auditing the player shows that the layout is invalid

Any suggestions? I will now try a win10 installation

The layout status indicator in the designer is what will trigger that build, and then notify the displays.

If you move to the Actions tab, and wait for that to go to Ready to Play, then your layout change should be picked up.

It’s not related to Docker or what OS you’re running on. Installing on Windows 10 won’t make any difference in that regard.

Action tab shows “ready to play” the layout change gets picked up.

If i manage the display i can see that the updated layout never gets downloaded complete. (493b)

Auditing the player, shows that the layout gets status invalid, and the layout stops at 0% or sometimes 99%

must be something wrong i’m doing with the setup in all these 3 installations!

Are you using a reverse proxy infront of the Docker containers?

If the Layout status is invalid though, the CMS won’t even send it to the Player.

No Proxy

Strange thing…just upgraded to win10, installed xibo and all is well so far, updated layouts gets downloaded and displayed right away.