Internet Explorer and XP... :-o

I don’t know why I wrote in italian! :slight_smile: Now I rewrite the post in english… :slight_smile:

We need to update a series of pc with Xibo client 1.7.7. Checking operative system we found that many of them are running XP and the recent browser on it is ie8.

It is not possible to update it to IE9 as Microsoft says so I need to understand which type of problems we can meet.

Ciao e grazie.

Well, WinXP is not recommended for obvious reasons, IE8 is definitely one of them.

In theory there is a chance it will not cause issues, depends on your content.

There might be issues with embedded/webpage modules as well as with ticker/text items. You can just look at amount of posts on this site in which we suggest IE11 + registry change ( or lately, IE11 + Xibo for Windows 1.7.8 which does that registry change during installation).

We don’t test on WinXP as it’s quite old OS by now, so I can’t tell you what exactly can be a problem, but potentially quite a few things might not work/look as you would like.