Interactive Signage

I was think there must be another interactiveness

  1. When the device’s location change, it should change layout with respect of Geo coordinates.

Further requirements:

1.) Trigger a Layout/region from an app so we can show (Alarm) Messages
2.) Trigger a Layout/region from a SQL state (access to the DB) that Xibo shows a (Alarm) message

good morning,
I am new to Xibo.
my request of interactivity is:
a video always on by default.
When Touch displays a layout with buttons that link to facebook, youtube, and other page on the site.
someone can help us develop even paid?
sorry for the English are Italian .

We are developing this already - as fast as possible :smiley: donations are always welcome, but in this case we can’t guarantee that it will speed up development.

I moved a post to a new topic: Interactive Signage Extension - embedded webpages trigger changes to regions

Is there a plan in the upcoming version 1.8 to just allow simple webpage navigation?

My client wants to display a click-able webpage on a touch screen in certain periods of time, otherwise keep the contents passive. I’d just create a full-screen region with the webpage as usual, but would it allow to actually navigate with a touch screen within the region, when displayed on the client?

All this on the Android client?

My 2 cents on interactivity.

I’ve tested a third party CMS which provided the ability to create multiple pages associated with the same layout, adding hotspots to navigate between them and display a web page (input form) on a region.

For some reason, the virtual keyboard was not executed while focusing in a form field and it turned out that the system did not support that… just a comment so this is considered in Xibo…

Whoops! We will make note of that although I must say that I can see why it would be difficult (with the virtual keyboard effectively gobbling up a whole lot of screen area)


Im also new in Xibo - my request for Interaction with System is a little different:

Screen should display slkdeshow (like usual Xibu Installation) - as soon there is a User Action (in our Case a Remote Controll) slideshow should stop and bring up a Menu (Picture Based) with availible Videos to playback - then User can select a Video - playback it …

Then after leaving Menu or after Timeout User Menu sholud hide and usual Slideshow should start again.

This Feature would be great …

As REmote Controller there are many options: IR wirth LIRC, Bluetooth Remote and so on …

I think that the remote control acts as a standard input (i.e. the application wouldn’t need to know the difference between touch and remote). Although in your case it would need to listen for “move” events rather than “press” events.

An interesting requirement for sure - we will take it in to account.

Hi Dan

The Reason why i dont like Touch solution is simple that this should not be used by end User - only a Salesman should be able to take a Remote Controller and show Videos …

The other thing is that Big SCreens with Touch are very expensive and a usual Remote Controller will not cost a big amount …

Best regards

Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting you use touch - I was explaining (for my own reference later) that they are effectively the same as far as the app is concerned.

Hi Dan

May i ask if there exists a Timeframe when interaction will be availible ?

Best Regards

We hope it will be in our 1.9 release - current timeline being 9 to 12 months.

I have an interesting case use:

We have several “Multi-Use” Kiosks. These Kiosks main purpose is for a company intranet. While the Kiosk is not being utilized, we use a screen saver for displaying a slide show. Would it be possible to make a Xibo client that functions as a screen saver?

I feel that this thread may be similar in purpose.

Thank you

The windows player can already function as a screensaver:


That is FANTASTIC!! Thank you, and sorry for being a newb! We tested Xibo about 5 years ago, went with a commercial solution. We are now replacing that solution with Xibo 1.7.9.

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Being able to scroll left and right trough layouts in a campaign (on a touchscreen) would be an amazing feature!

From my perspective (food & beverages industry), a finger swipe function to scroll and a touch function to view more details would be nice. In addition, a timeout function (e.g. 60 seconds idle, without touch events) that return to the original layout would be a plus. Honestly speaking, 1920*1080 still short for an extensive menu. Even more so if a user is close enough to touch the screen. Font size has to be at a minimum pixel size to be displayed clearly sharp. Other thoughts are shopping mall public information display (PID) such as directory of shops and services, etc.

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I’m just adding my use case. I think it is already listed above, as it is a very simplistic workflow.

I have a generic layout that shows weekly announcements for a church service.
I want the kitchen staff to be able to touch a button (Touchscreen or mouse) and change the layout to show the live stream video.