Interactive areas

Hey there, I’m new to xibo, and am using it for short period of time so I don’t really know it well. I wanted to know if there is any possible way to create interactive areas ?

What I mean by this is to script area to be able to interact on mouse click ( to enlarge or go to other area created on same project). To create small area with button on it to send me to other areas or something simmilar to this idea.

Anyone with same issue able to help me, please ? :smile:

Much obliged if so …

At the moment there’s no support within Xibo itself for interactive signage. It’s something we’re actively looking at at the moment to decide how that will look and work.

It would be helpful if you could add your use case to the thread on this if something similar isn’t there already:

What I’m trying to achieve is very simple. I want to make 4 or more different areas. If client is interested in a single content of a specific area - so he will be able to maximaze that area and after let’s say 20 seconds without any interaction script takes me back to the background with same 4 areas I started up with. It would be very nice if client would be able to get back once interacting with one of the areas to the “start screen” with 4 areas.

Or if there would be a way to link one area to another on specific part of the active area such as Picture-in-picutre or somehing like it. I hope my english isn’t as bad as I think it is and you get my point :smile:


Could you kindly add your use case to the original thread please so there’s just the one place we need to refer to :smile: Thanks. Or I can copy/paste in for you but then you won’t be notified when the discussion moves on.

Okay then, I’ll just stick with this thread then :wink:

Perhaps I’m not explaining clearly.

If you could kindly add your use case to the other thread about Interactive Signage so that we have your use case to consider when we’re implementing that it would be very helpful.

There’s no need to move this thread in to Features as there’s already a thread in there about Interactivity.

Perfect thank you :smile:

Now as that thread progresses you’ll be notified so you’ll see how it will be implemented and on what timescales.

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Same here :smile:

I’m kinda tired cus I’m going home from work and my brain doesn’t function right anymore :stuck_out_tongue: