Interactive areas (touch screen)

I started recently using XIBO.
I want to create layouts with interactive areas (buttons, menu, links …) to be used basically in android
Is this possible? which version in xibo allow this?
It is quite urgent.

Thank you every body

At the moment there’s no support within Xibo itself for interactive signage. It’s something we’re actively looking at at the moment to decide how that will look and work.

It would be helpful if you could add your use case to the thread on this if something similar isn’t there already: Interactive Signage.

Im on the same path as Manel, our use case is rather simple. We are trying to use these as basic kiosk devices. They go to a webpage in which they will have the ability to use the buttons on the page to enter their login code. This requires touch to work, which the dsdevice currently does work. The only drawback from the scenario is that we need the xibo app to not display the settings menu the moment the touch screen is activated. we also need the keyboard on the android device not to popup and also lock the operating system from opening the launcher with every click.