Intel Stick Computer

I just purchased one of the new Intel “Computer on a stick”. It is fantastic! It comes with Windows 8.1, plugs directly into the HDMI port of a monitor, wirelessly talks to the network and easily loads Xibo player.

Make a few changes and it’s plug and play. Plug it in, turn on the monitor and away it goes.

All for about $150 retail. We plan on investing in more of them.


That’s great news, thank you for your feedback. If it really will be that good and reliable then it seems like a nice deal.
When you will test it more, then please feel free to say more about it.

Hi, this is indeed very good news. I was wondering if you just run the client on it, or also Apache and MySQL (Xampp). If that is the case, I have to order only that kind of stuff !


We are only running the WIndows Player on it right now. But it greatly simplifies running it on large displays. However, we are going to experiment running a simple website on one of them. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hi Wayne. Would be very nice if you have some results.

I assume it is possible, because I just looked at the task manager in Windows, and it doesn’t use much Ram and CPU, so should be able to. But you never know off course.

Just ordered and will be getting a new Intel Compute Stick in hand tomorrow. I will be installing all windows updates and the Xibo 1.7.4 client on it to test. I will post results after testing tomorrow. We are looking for a solution to run approx. 10 - 12 displays that allow remote viewing/control like windows does yet is small enough to be stuck to the back of wall mounted TV’s.

So I received the compute stick and installed it on one tv. It is amazing. I was able to get it setup and running in a very short time and it loaded the xibo client up without any issues. I will be upgrading to 8.1 pro so I can join this to our windows domain to provide easier management and use of the device in regards to remote access and some of the content we have in Xibo. This is a great solution for a small out of site PC to run the windows Xibo client.


I have had several of these for a little while now. They work great for the XiboClient.

If you are going to use the OBE Windows 8.1 with Bing you will need to disable Connected Standby in the registry or it will keep going to standby on you when you don’t interact with it.


We’ve also purchased a few of these and are seeing great results, best bang for the buck. We’ve tested custom HTML based RSS feeds,website playback, MP4 video playback, all with no issues so far.

We’re using this device all over our campus, around 15 displays (and counting) using xibo (awesome Xibo). Unfortunately, we’re using Windows and xibo windows client does not support transition effects yet. :grin: when layouts or timelines are changing it’s like blinking.

Aside from that, Intel Compute Stick is great with Xibo, low cost digital signage.

Another +1 for the intel compute stick. Simple to setup and deploy. Throw a usb ethernet adaptor on them if you don’t have wifi. Only issue is the 1/2 second black screen between videos but apparently a fix for that is in the works.

Intel Compute Stick works OK, but not well at all in some congested wireless environments due to the internal antenna and possibly other issues.

The Quantum Access brand stick works flawlessly so far. It has some features that are helpful, such as an extra microusb port, and most importantly, an external antenna. Also, it does not have or need the internal fan. Solid piece of gear. Cost is the same as Intel Compute stick. I’ve had one running for three months virtually non-stop except for Windows update reboots.

Running Windows 10 Pro on them. Tip - Go to the Quantum Suppliers website and get the Win 10 recovery files and drivers

Deleting the original recovery partition frees up aboput 7 GB of space, and if you are concerned about recovery, just keep an image handy on a USB stick, using UEFI GPT with FAT32 filesystem.

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I have just gotten one of these to use as a Xibo client.

What version of Windows should I install? I assume Windows 10 is best on low spec but should I use 32bit or 64bit?


That’s what I"m planning on using also. I’ve purchased one, and got it working on the TV - I’m just trying to get Xibo installed now on a server, and get started. We have been using MagicInfo digital signage, and I want to switch as it is cumbersome to use, and expensive.


Mine came with Windows 8.1 installed. I know they were going to start sending them out with Windows 10, but I would just use whatever version it some with. Though, I have not tried the player on Windows 10 yet.


Intel introduced second generation of Intel Compute Stick :slight_smile:

We are running Xibo client on Intel Compute stick with Windows 10 and it’s working great. We’re planning to replace old DVD setups with the Intel Compute stick.

We too are using the Xibo client on the Intel Compute Sticks. We have rolled out about 60 of them so far. We developed an image based on the included Windows 8.1 OS, with a few registry fixes, “leaning out”, auto-login.

The one thing that would be nice is a bios-controlled power on / power off function!


im currently using a mele Stick (based on intel Atom Zxxx - same as intel 1 gen.) - runs on Win10 - works fine - but have to change a lot thing so win10 is “silent” …

A great thing is that this Sticks have hardware MP4 encoding - so MP4 Video Playback works realy well and smooth (wihtin a Region or at Fullscreen)

That is good to know – we don’t really have much content in terms of MP4s, but next time we need to push videos we will be sure to keep this in mind (ie. encode to MP4).

Ya my only concern with these things are their size. Yes, they don’t have any moving parts, but yes, they don’t have any moving parts! They have no method of actively removing heat. So how they last running 24/7/365 we’ll have to see. Given their price, we just have a small number of “hot swaps” available if required.