Installing Xibo-server ubuntu 14.04

Hello there. I am trying to install xibo on an Ubuntu Server. I keep getting these errors and not being able to install the cms. I was able to install it on the same hardware and everything Friday. The only new thing that happened was that I updated the Fog server on the server.
MySQL database (PHP MySql) MySQL support must be enabled in PHP.
ZIP This enables import / export of layouts.

Please help because I have tried everything that I could find and nothing is working. All google searches are exhausted. and I am not the best with Linux (though I do know some things about it.)
Additionally I know that fog uses MySql and php to function and it is working fine so I do not know what the issue is.

You need to ensure that the PHP modules for “zip” and “mysql” are installed on your server.

Generally, you’d do that by running these commands:

apt-get install php5-mysql

There’s no separate package for the php zip module - it’s part of the core PHP install on Ubuntu - so I can’t explain why it’s not there. Perhaps installing Fog changed to a different PHP version than the standard one that comes with Ubuntu 14.04?

It might be preferable to put them on different servers perhaps?

I am using php7 which worked on Friday and I cannot understand why it is not working today. The package php7.0-mysql is installed.

I just tried installing on a new server. All the checkmarks are fine but after I click on the next after adding all the install database info, user name for database, etc, it takes me back to the first page which is the testing to make sure I have everything.
Also thanks for your quick reply

Xibo doesn’t work with PHP7.

The newest version you can use is PHP 5.6. Ubuntu 14.04 ships with PHP 5.5 by default and that works fine.

Xibo 1.8.0 series will support PHP7 once all the libraries it uses are updated to support it. At present, it requires PHP 5.6 as well.