Installing Xibo on web OS 3.5

Hi there,

I am trying to install the Xibo webOS player on my web OS3.5 TV but I cant seem to find the server settings for the 3.5 OS.

I know previous versions you just hold down the settings button but its different for this version. Ive went through all the settings multiple times but cant seem to find it.

Does anybody have any insight into this?


Hi Inox0690, have you actually yourself used the WebOS Player on any TV’s in the past. The Xibo homepage just uses the term compatible Monitors.

I am looking at setting up a 5 display network across a number of sites and have been playing with Xibo for a while now.

It is an excellent piece of software but until now I was not too comfortable using an extra appliance as a player.

Now given the cheap price of WebOS 3.5 LG TV’s it has sparked my interest again.

The Xibo homepage does not show the model number of the TV’s I was planning to buy but they are WebOS 3.5 (LG 43LJ594V).

I would just like confirmation that this model of TV is compatible with the WebOS player.


Hi there Tony,

Yup, Xibo is an excellent platform and this new feature is just what I needed as well to get rid of the additional box.

In regards to your question, im trying to find out the same thing.

I have the model webOS 3.5 tv you are referring to. I am currently trying to install the player on this TV as per the instructions.

But I am unable to configure the Server settings of the TV because in 3.5 the settings are accessed differently apparently. I search everywhere online but cant find out how to access these settings.

So I am just hoping Xibo support has an answer.

I will let you know as soon as I have found a solution.


Thanks for the reply Alexi, fingers crossed they are ok.

My old test setup was not using Docker so i tnink ill take this time to configure a Docker setup.


Since this model is not listed here - webOS list of Supported monitors
and it does seem to be the signage series of LG monitors, I’m afraid it’s not supported and you may not be able to install the Xibo for webOS on it.