Installing XIBO on a Virtual Server


I’m thinking of migrating my xibo installation to a more stable virtual server but i need some help about the best way to do this.

The server is running windows server 2016, the major problem is that Docker wont run as i cant turn on Hyper-v on a virtual machine.

Is there a way to get around this or is my only option to install it without docker?

We don’t have access to WS 2016 I’m afraid, but perhaps you could try docker toolbox?

If you can’t enable Hyper-v then docker for windows will not work and I believe docker for windows server only uses windows containers (which are not suitable for Xibo).

Unless it’s 32bit OS, in which case docker will unfortunately not work on it at all.

If that’s the case, then yes you’d need to follow the manual installation instructions -
with the Environment, XMR, XTR additional steps after installation as well.

I’ve had an intention of doing the same, but since our timeline was tight and we had a separate machine, we went on a normal machine install, but I’ve researched server scenario and it turns out it could work with “nested virtualization”.
I recommend these links for insight in what could work:


I’m not quite following the problem here , sounds like you’re trying to run hyper-v within a vm running under hyper-v on a window 2016 server, hence nested hyper-v
So I may be completely off track.
We are running Hyper-v on a windows 2012 server, with one of the vm’s running ubuntu which quite happily runs the docker version of xibo.