Installing 1.8.1 in a sub folder

Hi all

I’m new to Docker, but I’ve installed it on our Ubuntu server and getting ready to upgrade to 1.8.1 form 1.7.9
However we are running multiple services (web pages etc.) so I gave the original Xibo install set to localhost/displays
The install notes suggest that Docker places 1.8 in localhost, how can I make sure it goes into the subfolder?



Please have a look here
and for ubuntu guide here Xibo 1.8.0 with Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

Perhaps the above will help you, if not please do let us know.

Thanks Peter

Still not 100% clear where I set the CMS. DO I set the CMS_SERVER_NAME to =my.server.example/displays in the config.env file?
Or do I unpack the Release Archive to /var/www/html/displays

You would need to run Docker on a custom port - say 8080 - and then setup your existing webserver listening at localhost to reverse proxy the /displays URL to localhost:8080

Thanks Alex

We’ll have a look at our options today