Installation of Xibo Player in XMS

Am New to Xibo a friend of mine introduced me to Xibo.
I have few questions.

  1. Can I install CMS and Player (Client) on the same laptop?
  2. I installed CMS 1.7.0-rc1 and the Player on the same laptop, I did the necessary configuration for the Player, but it’s not showing in the CMS page.
    N.B. I want to ask if I need to install external screen before it will show or I can display using my laptop screen. I actually don’t have external screen I just want to practice with my monitor
  1. Yes you can

  2. I’m not sure why would you install old release candidate of 1.7 series, I’d really highly recommend either 1.7.10 or 1.8.5

Yes you can have the CMS and windows player on your laptop, once the CMS is up and running, you can install the player connect it to the CMS and it should download the required files from it.