Installation of Xibo CMS & Directory Placement

So I understand that ideally /web is the Document Root.

On my web host /public_html is the document root - so I’ve just moved /web into that folder and kept the rest of the files in the root (non public) of the web server.

However once installed, install/index.php is deleted and the system complains about this file missing (adding it back says configuration is complete, but reloading just loops back to this file - equally going directly to the root address redirects to /install)

The server is on Apache, PHP v 7.1 its hosted webspace, so there is a limitation to what I can change.

I understand from the manual that there may be some work needed in terms of alias’s but I haven’t managed to get any of this working.

Any suggestions or help available to help me understand what I need to do to get this working?

You can’t split the web directory from the rest of the installation.

The installation guideance lists the sensible options. You’ll need to contact your web host to see if you can add an alias, in which case, you’d put all the Xibo files outside of public_html, and alias say /xibo to wherever you’ve put those files - eg /private/xibo/web.

Alternatively, you may be able to create a symbolic link, in which case, you’d make a symlink from /public_html/xibo to wherever you’ve put the Xibo install, in to the web directory - eg /private/xibo/web.

Both those routes will require you to edit the .htaccess file we ship to add /xibo in to the URL rewriting schema.

We have never recommended running Xibo on shared hosting. It has always been at odds with that kind of environment, and so it might be time to look at moving to something more flexible like a VPS, or something that can run Docker containers, or to specific Xibo hosting.

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Thank you for the response.

I understand why there are various troubles with shared hosting, but financially its the viable solution.

I can contact the hosting regarding setting up an alias - however just to be sure I understand the requirements:

  1. If I have the host change the Document Root to /web from /public_html should this work?

  2. If #1 is not so simple, I need to alias /public_html to /where/xibo/is/web?

Thanks for the help

Assuming your Xibo installation is at /, then /web would be right yes.

If they won’t allow you to change the web root, then I doubt they’ll allow you to alias public_html either - but if they will, then yes what you’ve written is fine. Or alternatively, make /public_html a symlink to /where/xibo/is/web would work fine too.