Installation of Xibo Android on Sony FW-75X8570C Android TV

Hello, I’m new to Xibo. How can i install Xibo Android player on Sony FW-75X8570C Android TV ?
Please help me. Thank you.

I have no experience with this particular model, but it’s quite possible that you will not be able to install apps on it (at least not in .apk format without downloading them play store - if even that is supported by this TV).

Perhaps someone in the Xibo community tried to install Xibo on this (or similar) model and will be able to help you.

We, however recommend stand alone android boxes connected to a monitor/tv Recommended Android Hardware

Instead of a stand alone android box can i use a mini PC with Windows 10 Home connected via HDMI to the TV ?
Will it work with Xibo Windows client 1.7.9 ?
Thank you.

Yes, I believe it should, your TV will be recognised as a screen for your mini-PC.