installation a xibo player for webOS

Hello, I had a question. I needed to get for my LG smart TV (specifications below) xibo player. The problem is. I download the xibo for the webOS 1.8 R16 from the official site and try installing it. I can not access the secret menu via USB by pressing and holding the setup button or by pressing and entering 8080 + ok. I do not even offer the SI or the USB installation. The developer mode is activated, not work with him or not. I just managed to push my TV ipk through the webOS TV IDE. The application will appear on the home page of the WebOs menu but when opened, it will still reload and freeze at this point, without any menu entry for the Xibo server address, etc. Can not anyone help me? I would like to avoid having an external device via HDMI.

TV Specifications:
Software version: 04.10.20
Model: 32LK610BPLB
WebOS TV version: 4.1.0 5907 (goldilocks-glacier)

thanks for the ideas

I have included below a link to the Supported webOS Displays that can be used with Xibo for webOS:

The model you are using does not appear to be on the supported list, you will need to use a Display from this list to be able to use the Xibo for webOS Player.

Many Thanks.

Were you able to figure out ? Any other solution did you use to play signage? I have display with similar configuration

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I would recommend checking if your LG display is on the compatible hardware list, if it is not then unfortunately we cannot guarantee performance on any unsupported models.

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