Install Xibo and Docker on Windows 10 Hyper V

Hi Guys,
I am new to Xibo. I am trying to install on Windows 10 Hyper V machine which is running on Windows Server 2016 host.
I am just wondering is it possible to install successfully.?
After install docker I can’t test ( run hello-world) as I am getting error. Also, I con’t see shared folder option as well once I open the docker.

Can you please let me know whether I can install on hyper v environment. ?

Thank you.

If it is Windows 10 64bit then you will want docker for Windows -

If it is other Windows 64 bit then docker toolbox

If it’s not 64 bit OS then it will not work.

Please let us know what exactly is the OS version on which you want to install docker and what have you done so far.

The Docker install looks OK to me from the screenshot.

Perhaps you have a corporate proxy or similar preventing http downloads from the URL shown? Docker needs to be able to access the internet to download the images.

It is possible to transfer them out of band if needed, but it’s more work to do it that way.

Thank you getting back to me. Windows version is Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit.
We have proxy I will check the proxy too.
Actually, we are runnig xibo on standalone windows 7 machine. I order to reduce physical machine I need to move into hyper v. I though installing new one would be ideal. Thanks guys I will check the proxy.

If you’re moving in to Hyper-V, then install a Linux VM (Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit LTS Server) and use that. It is much better suited to a production install than Windows.

Thanks Alex… I will install on Ubuntu. Let’s see how it goes.

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