/install/2? - 404 found on Centos 7

Hi there,

I configuered a new VM for testing purposes. I installed all the PHP packages and i’m ready to do the cms installation (1.8.0) . When clicking on next it says that /install/2? is not found (404). I installed xibo in /var/www/html/ and adapted the httpd.conf to automatically start in the /web/ subfolder. I’m out of idea’s…

Can you guys help me?

Thanks in advance !

Our strong recommendation is to run Xibo 1.8 and later in a Docker container where all the setup work and configuration is managed for you.

If you want to proceed with a custom install, please be aware that we may not be able to offer you support for it going forward.

You can see the Apache configuration used inside the Docker container here:

I suspect your configuration is missing something like AllowOverride, or the mod_rewrite module.

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Thanks for the response. I installed it in a docker machine but now he won’t save anything and isn’t loading css or js.

Its a clean CentOs with only docker on it and some utility packages.

Thanks in advance

I’ve not seen anything like that before.

Did you follow the steps in the installation guide in the manual?

Yes, I"ve grabbed the tar from the repo. Then i adjusted the .env to our needs and ran the docker-compose up -d command.

What’s the URL you’re using to access it?

I’m wondering if you could try clearing your browser cache, just to be sure there’s nothing in there causing an issue please?

I’m using an internal ip. I cleared my browser data but after 5 clicks in the cms it happened again.The layout now displays correct but i cant save any form or cant see any display i just added.

So it worked initially after you cleared cache, and then failed?

Yes. after i went through some views it failed again. When i click on a save button in settings it states ‘sorry the form is expired, please refresh’

Are you able to test from a different machine at all?

I switched browser and now it is ok ( internet explorer) . Thanks for the help. i’ll reopen if the problem returns.

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