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I’m the admin of a Xibo installation for one of my clients, and I’m hereby transmitting a question (the client speaks french). The Xibo installation works very well, by the way.

My client has a problem inserting a Youtube video on the page. Here’s the video, which is a live streaming webcam:

When he inserts the video in the webpage tab, the Youtube videoplayer is shown OK, but there’s an HTML 5 related error message. By the way, on the same client machine, the same video works on the Chrome web browser, but not with Xibo.

This being said, other videos work, like this one for example: (not a live stream)

Related question : how can you start a video automatically, and in full screen mode ?

Thanks & cheers from the sunny South of France,

Niki Kovacs

Could you confirm which player is in use and what is the CMS/player version please?

If it is Xibo for Windows, then it should render it the same as the IE11 does.

Regarding autoplay, if it is Windows, then you should be able to just add ?autoplay=1 to the end of the youtube URL, you should also use the /embed url, ie for example for the first URL you provided it should be:

Alternatively you can use the script to achieve it (which will work on Windows as well), for more details please see: Autoplay Embedded Youtube Videos

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I understand though. In your first sentence, what do you mean by “player” ? The Xibo client ?

Bonjour, la version CMS client utilisée est la version 1.8.9

Yep. There are software players for Android, WebOS and Windows. The most common is Windows, which as stated will use em edded IE to show web content. I believe the response above should likely work as I’ve used it to get past other video problems encountered using the direct link (inability to hide navigation, related videos).

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Thanks for the solution