Initial queries before installing xibo

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. My place of work are looking at installing xibo on windows. Product looks fab.

I see there was a forum post back in 2016 (Stream video from UDP source) it regards the streaming of live tv i.e live news channels via udp using VLC. Is this still possible? Or are there other way of doing the same thing now?

Does this come with an image slideshow module? If so, does it come with a way of playing until it’s due to expire on screen. As the YouTube clip I just watched says ‘play again?’ At the end of the slideshow. Or is that just during preview?

what if the server goes down. will the content downloaded to the signage clients still run? or does all content stream from the server and nothing is stored?

Also, is there a way of embedding iframe’s into screen designs?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your replies.

That hasn’t changed. You can embed HLS streams directly using the HLS widget, but if it’s multicast UDP then you’d have to handle that yourself by embedding VLC’s browser plugin.

No, but you can put several image widgets in to a region and then they will be shown one after another.

I’m not really sure what you mean here. When you preview a layout, it’ll run until the layout finishes, and then ask if you want to see the preview again. When you run that same layout on a Player, it’ll show you the layout until it finishes, and then it will show the next thing (which may be the same layout again if you only have one thing scheduled).

The Player caches all Xibo content (images, videos, text, rss, twitter etc) locally so it will continue to play if the CMS is unavailable. Where you embed third party content directly yourself eg using the webpage widget, then if the server or connect to that goes down then that content won’t work.

You can use the Embedded HTML widget for that.

thank for all the answers to my questions Alex much appreciated.

regarding the you tube question: at the 5:28 min mark shows play again? after the image slideshow has finished. I guess its part of the preview element. but I wanted to make sure that imagery loop until that screen design is due to move on to the next.

hope that makes sense?

another question, are there wake and sleep settings for the client software? don’t want them displaying 24/7.

Play again? is just there in the preview. On a Player, it would just move to the next layout at that point.

How sleep/wake or screen power is handled depends on what hardware you have and which of the Players you’re using.

In general, we recommend leaving the Player running 24/7, and switching the screen power. If you screens have power schedules built in, then that’s one way to achieve it. If they have RS232 inputs, then the Players can send power management signals to control the screen power, so you can go really simple and just use a mains power timer to power on and off the screen.