Information about used Ports Protocols and data load

is it possible to know what Ports and Protocols are used by xibo player / watchdog?
And additional how big is the amount or percentage of data load and network traffic when the player is working and pushing new data?

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has someone knowing about this topic?
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It depends entirely on how you configure it.

As a minimum, the Player needs to access the CMS over HTTP on whatever port you define. Typically that would be TCP/80 or TCP/443 for HTTPS connections.

There is no network connection between the watchdog and the Player or the watchdog and the CMS.

From Xibo 1.8.0 onwards, there will also be a connection to your XMR server if you have one setup. That uses TCP port 9505 by default, but you can configure any TCP port you like.

The bandwidth used depends entirely on what content you send, how many items of content you send, how frequently you then make changes, and how often you have the Players connect for updated content. There’s no fixed rule to calculate it. The CMS logs bandwidth used, so the best idea is to run some typical layouts through a Player and look at the usage logged.

this was what i need to know!

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