In-transition within duration of region, out-transition added to duration


I noticed that in- and out-transitions are handled in a different way. For example, if I have a region with a duration of 30 seconds and I add a fade of 3 seconds as an in-transition, the total duration is still 30 seconds.
But if I add a fade of 3 seconds as an OUT-transition, the total duration for the region is 33 seconds.

Is this behavior intended? Was a bit puzzling for me…



well spotted - its the best way we could do it, but its not in the specification.

It didn’t seem at all right removing the transition duration from the last item in the region - so we didn’t, and it proved technically very difficult to artificially add the transition duration to the incoming item (although that is an improvement we have recorded in our Xibo for Android bug tracker).

In actual fact - there is probably a bug there because the transition durations aren’t taken into account when calculating the layout durations.

Hi Dan,

ok, I can understand that. Thank you for your explanation!!


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