Importing CSV with single apostrophes?

Does anybody happen to have a solution for this? When importing CSV files, my data ends at ( ’ ).

I have tried to export with UTF-8 encoded, but still no luck. What am I missing? Is this an unforeseen drawback to CSVs?

What exactly is the problem please? Could you perhaps show me the issue?

Hey Peter,

So what is happening is this:

I am importing information into a dataset from a CSV. In that CSV is a bunch of content. What is happening is if I have a cell that says something along the lines of:

“XIBO is the best digital signage software ever, the software’s ability to perform is exceptional”

What ends up being imported is:

“XIBO is the best digital signage software, the software”

So the apostrophe is ending the information. I have tried encoding in UTF-8 and haven’t had any success. Not sure what the workaround is?

It could be because of text delimiter, at least in LibraOffice when I save a .csv file with ’ as text delimiter then it shows up in Xibo as you said (everything after ’ is cut), so you will want to save with ‘’ as text delimiter and it should fine after import - I assume it’s similar with MS excel I don’t remember from top of my head now.

So I have tried that and you are correct, it does make a difference - however it makes it even more unusable. I could just avoid apostrophes altogether, but I am going to get some weird looks and possible some “humphs” from my manager. Really wish there was a good delimiter or workaround for this.

I’m not getting the same results. I am using an Excel spreadsheet to input information. Then I am exporting as a CSV, which upon looking at the CSV in Excel seems fine. The minute I upload - all beyond " is gone.

Yeah that’s what I’d expect with " as text delimiter (ie it cuts the " then)

@Kris27 how does it look like in your case?

If I change it to " as the delimiter (via Region and Language Settings as per Google search telling me that is the only way) it just keeps everything in one column and inserts " all over the place.

It also breaks Excel LOL. I am utterly confused as to how to approach this. I just want a simple way to fill columns with info and import, but everything I try using an apostrophe breaks on me.

Even if I remove apostrophes, it still won’t interpret line breaks from my CSV. Feeling very defeated.