Importing CSV in Dataset

Hi, i have troubles importing a CSV from excel.
my Excel - CSV has 10 colomns, the first is a date. dd/mmyyyy. When importing this to Xibo dataset, the date isn’t imported in my first Coloms. it is blanc and the date is inserted in the 10th colomn? All other data is imported correctly.

Does anybody have an idea about this problem? using 1.8

in 1.7.9 the date is imported as dd/mm/yyyy correctly, but Xibo cant read this as a date.

Does that happen when you set the first column data type as date?
Or is it the same if it’s string?

this is the same as string and date type.

i’m now changing the csv-colomns to check if it’s happening when the date isnt the first colomn.

when i take a different colomn as first in de CSV, the import in XIBO is also set incorrect. the first colomn is left empty and the data from col1 is set in col10.

i just notice that a date column is set as yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm. Why the time stamp?

Yes, unless you wish to use exactly the iso date format, you might want to set the column data type as string.
It is like this so it’s easier to use with mySQL NOW() etc functions - useful for filters.

In any case, it seems to work fine on our test CMS, so what I did:
Create 10 columns in my .csv file and 8 rows with some random strings in it (well one date, rest random strings),
Create a dataset in CMS, create 10 columns with correct names (ie corresponding to my .csv) in this dataset
Click Import .csv, make sure to give each column a column number that corresponds to column heading (do that before you upload your .csv)
Add CSV files -> select my csv

While I can understand that the date (if it was set to date data type) can give you some problems, I’m not sure about this:[quote=“TVW, post:4, topic:8166”]
the first colomn is left empty and the data from col1 is set in col10.

Assuming of course that you did give correct numbers to each column before you uploaded your .csv

i have set the dat in excel as standard USA, and now xibo sets the correct date, but as you can see, it is displayed in the last column and not the first.


Right, so it’s in column 10 instead of what suppose to be there.

Could you try to import it again, tick Overwrite existing data? and ignore first row? checkboxes
and make sure each column heading in dataset has the column number corresponding to your .csv file

and just to clarify that’s on 1.8.0rc1?

using 1.8.0-rc1

result is the same. no data in 1 and date is in column 10.

Ok, I was able to recreate the issue, we will investigate it now.

It’s a bug, basically if you have more than 9 columns it will leave column 1 empty and put data from it to the last column available - and ignore data from all columns past column 9.

I’ve submitted a bug report for it -

Unfortunately, we will release 1.8.0rc2 later today and since we don’t see anything obvious that’s causing this issue, it will be fixed in the next release rc3.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.