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Hi, i’ve been searching for a solution but haven’t anything that has worked.

On our Xibo display, we would like to be able to have a type of outage ticker or text box when we have issues on our network. We currently have the text box displayed and it is showing what we want but we would like this to be easily editable and not have to log into the Xibo CMS every time to edit this text because that is not efficient.

Would it be possible to put either a text file (or doc or excel…whatever works) on our sharepoint site and have the file linked linked to Xibo so it shows the content? It would never be more than one line, maybe 30-40 characters. a very short bit of text.

we are using version 1.7.9 which is pretty old and have no plans to upgrade at this time.

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-Change the DataSet permissions.

  • Install a web server like XAMPP.
    -Open Firewall ports.
    -You can add it as a Web Page in Xibo CMS, the link will be http://ip/fileName.txt .

This batch file can refer to see

@Echo Off
Set Addr= &Rem Xibo connection location
Set WaitSec=5 &Rem Waiting seconds before testing
Set ReTry=1 &Rem Retry the number of seconds when the connection fails
Set DocPath=D:\data\DeskTop\Text.txt &Rem File path (must complete path)
Rem Window title
Set Title=Text.txt
Set Flage=False
Set NOT=3 &Rem Open file after failing several times
Set Count=0
Set Sec=%WaitSec%
Set Switch=Echo
Rem ===========================================================
Rem important:
Rem “Title” variable has only name, no " - Google Chrome"
Rem Please change the variable Switch=Echo to S when using it officially.
Rem ===========================================================
For /F “Tokens=2 Delims==” %%i In (‘WMIC Product Where ‘Caption ^= “Xibo Player”’ Get InstallLocation /Format:List 2^>Nul’) Do Set PlayerPath=%%i
If Not Defined PlayerPath Echo.&Echo.&Echo.&Echo Could not find the watchdog path could not be started.&Pause&Exit
For /F “Delims==- Tokens=2” %%i In (‘FType ChromeHTML’) Do Set Chrome=%%i “%DocPath%” --load-plugin --disable-infobars --kiosk --incognito
Ping %Addr% -n 1 >Nul&&(
Set Sec=%WaitSec%
Set Count=0
TaskKill /F /FI “WINDOWTITLE eq %Title% - Google Chrome”>Nul
TaskList /FI “IMAGENAME eq XiboClientWatchdog.exe”|Findstr /I “XiboClientWatchdog.exe”||%Switch% Start “StartPlayer” “%Player%\XiboClientWatchdog.exe”
Echo Test Connection Ing…%Time%
Set /a Count = %Count% + 1
Set Sec=%ReTry%
If “%Count%” GEQ “%NOT%” (
TaskList /FI “WINDOWTITLE eq %Title% - Google Chrome”|Findstr /I “Chrome.exe”>Nul||(
TaskKill /F /FI “IMAGENAME eq XiboClientWatchdog.exe”>Nul
Echo Open Doc…
Start “Show Status” %Chrome%
Set /a Count = %NOT%
Echo Connection Failed, Try Again…%Time%
TimeOut /T !Sec!>Nul
Goto :Loop


  1. Please install Cherme browser and Xibo player first.
  2. To display Word, Excel, PPT, first install Cherome plugin
  3. Plain text file is immediately available
  4. Please refer to the figure below for the title of the window.
    Open your file with a browser, the title of the window can be found here
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