Images (scheduling) change issue


Till last month we were using Minix Neo X5 mini with Android™ Jelly Bean 4.2.2 as OS.

From month of july 2016 we have started using two new device which is having Android 4.4 in one device as OS and other box having Android 6.0 OS.

Now issue which we have seen is that Images don’t get change automatically and we need to kill the APP and re- run it and once the app start it new image started running. This issue is faced at least 70% of time.


Image 1 should run from 4 pm to 5pm, than Image should run from 5 pm to 6 pm.

But when clock turn 5 pm image 2 don’t start and we wait for 5 to 10 minutes also to see that it get change or not. Than We kill the APP and re-run it and once APP open the Image 2 is in display.

Could this problem be due to New OS and Xibo Android APK is not compatible with this OS.

This issue was never faced with minix NEO x5 mini.

What’s the duration of your images?

Are those images on a separate layouts or on one layout?

Thank you peter for quick reply

Duration of Image is 10 seconds. And those images are on separate layouts.

If i go back to above mentioned example, image 1 = layout number 1 and image 2 = layout number 2.

So you have two layouts with just one image on each one?

Anyway, if you schedule:
Event 1 to run from 4pm to 5pm
Event 2 to run from 5pm to 6pm

Assuming your player has internet connection and ‘knows’ about this schedule (it should be on the status screen as well) it should switch to event 2 at 5pm (could be delayed by duration on layout(s) in event 1, assuming durations aren’t that long it should be fine).

If your really have only one image per layout, you could consider having them on one layout and adjust duration for each image to 1h then schedule one event for 2h (4pm - 6pm).

Just to clarify is this on 1.7.8 CMS and 1.7 R61 Xibo for Android?

Answer to your 1st question is : “Both Layouts are having different image”.

This problem is being seen in both when device was having internet connection and also in second scenario when the schedule images are updated in devices we make it offline (no internet connection).

We are currently using Android app version 1.7 R54 and CMS version 1.7.4.

And we have multiple screens running live at different locations. So we can’t use single layout option as different images are running at different time at locations.

Hello Peter we have updated the APk and now using 1.7 R61 version but our CMS version is 1.7.4.

Still the problem is there. When the devices are online with internet connection then schedules are working fine and properly.

The Problem arises when devices are used without internet connection . The schedules are not changing on time and sometime we need to kill app and re-run it, after that new images are displayed.

Need your assistance in this ASAP. We have more than 200 devices live and running at different location

So it would be good to use 1.7.8 CMS as well.

Regarding layout changes / new schedule, so when player is offline it won’t be able to receive them from the CMS.

If it was online and connected to the CMS when the changes were made, it should pick them up, ie on status window you should be able to see what’s scheduled and on what time it should be displayed.

If players ‘knows’ about it, it should work, any delays can be caused by duration of your current layouts.

Of course ideally players will maintain the connection to avoid problems.

If we don’t change the CMS version then would it be okay.

We have more than 180 plus devices running on app version 1.7 R54 and on CMS version is 1.7.4 and now we have started using app version 1.7 R61.

In old 180 plus devices such problem was never faced. In new devices such problem is faced.

Secondly what we mean by offline is that schedules layouts are downloaded and updated in devices. Then internet connection is taken off. As far we know XIbo has feature of working offline also if the scheduled data is up to date. And layouts changes even without internet connection.

When we make it offline and check the status its showing error that display can’t connect to CMS and no active schedule running. Check license. Such error are shown. When we make it online this error don’t occur.

Our old 180 plus devices are running on offline without any problem. Now with new version this problem is being faced. Provide us a solution ASAP.

When you created this topic describing this issue all you devices were on R54, at least that’s how I see it.

And now

You’re saying that the problem only occurs on R61.

We’d just want to know if the problem was already on R54 or is it indeed new problem with R61 that’s all.

Yes, as I said in my previous post, that’s correct.

Well that’s to be expected, with no internet connection your player won’t be able to reach your CMS.

Although if it had the schedule/content already downloaded it shouldn’t need it to continue correct layout playback.

So I think we’d need to see screenshot of status window on your player that does not have internet connection and is not displaying what you want it to. Perhaps there will be something there.

It could be also good for us to see your layouts that are giving you problems and try to recreate the issue on our devices here in the office.

We perhaps should also continue this discussion in a support ticket, please create one, preferably with your licence pool email address.

Hi… check your ntp settings. . When the screen is offline what is the date and time showing …

I have seen some screenew shows wrong time if u have set ntp to utomatic