Images disappearing from layouts and media list

When i create a new layout and schedule it, it works fine for a while then the image disappears and a broken image is shown? Any ideas why this happening?

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So we can help you further can you please confirm which widget is used to show those images : the image widget or the sub-playlist widget for example?
Can you please expand as well on what you mean by ā€™ broken image ā€™ ? is it a partial image or the resolution is incorrect or it shows the region in white for example?

Also please confirm :

  • your CMS version
  • the type of install : Docker or if custom your environment details
  • the type of player and player version that you use

Thank you!

Hi Neil,

Thanks for getting in touch.

The CMS version is: 1.7.9
Iā€™m using Xampp - Apached and Mysql
The Player is on Windows 1.7.9

Iā€™m very new to this.

As you can see from the image it is a little broken image logo that is shown where the image should be.

Cheers, Tev

Failed to load image: index.php?p=module&mod=image&q=Exec&method=GetResource&mediaid=1023

This is what comes up when i click on the images on the media list?

Any ideas?

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