Image Dataset Only Showing ID

I’ve created a dataset that contains an image value:

Added it to the ticker:

However it’s only showing up as the image ID and not the image itself:


I’ve gone through other discussions on this topic and feel I’ve entered this properly. Appreciate any assistance you can offer


That would be because you do not have dataSetColumnId provided with your substitutions.

[dtLogo] should be [dtLogo|{dataSetColumnId}] like [dtLogo|10] for example.

If you would double click on the dtLogo from Available substitutions then it will add it for you with correct column id.

All other substitutions also should have the ids.

Thanks, that worked however it’s only showing on the Preview and not the display.

What can I do to get it to show up on the Display?


Disregard last question. It’s showing up now. Thanks for your help.