Identical Hardware, Same OS, Same Layout: Different Results

Hey guys,

Has anyone seen this before?

The above display incorrectly scales the background image, causing this 2/3 black thing behind the text.

The other display looks perfect…

Both are displaying the same layout, on the same hardware, with matching displays, identical versions of windows, with the same patches installed, and the same video drivers.

I’m stumped.

Is the background image in .jpg format?

I assume the the browser emulation settings are the same on both machines as well?

The ‘Change size of text, apps and other items’ set to 100% in tho cases (Windows display settings)?

I’m happy to try and recreate the issue with your layout locally if you’d like to share your layout with me (if so please send it over private message).

Hey Peter,

Both displays indeed use the same profile and the scaling is set to 100%. I can send you the layout.

The only thing out of alignment is that the background image is a PNG–not a JPEG. Is JPEG preferred?


Update: Switching from PNG to JPEG fixed the problem.

Yes, unfortunately with any other format, windows player will, in most cases, render the layout incorrectly.

With .jpg it should be fine.