I need some help to play livestream src .flv from xspf file


For all the dutch members. I want to play the video’s from www.nu24.nl
I got the URL’s but everyday they change the location.

There is a default XSPF file within the links to the FLV video.

For now i have uploaded a html page with code to play the FLV source without flash because i use the little minix android players.

I hope if anybody got an answer for me.

thanks already.

Hi MWetering,

That’s interesting! Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but you got it working now with a html page? Would you be willing to share the way that works with me?

And what is exactly your question now? You want to get it working another way?

I have ad the following code in a html page. But the link to the video from NU24 algemeen is changing everyday. My code doesn’t do that. I hope someone can help me with this little problem.


In the xibo design i add a webpage.
Duration 55 seconds
Offset left 5
Scale 100

So for now i need only some code to get the everyday changing nujournaal algemeen link.


I think I figured something out.
This is what I made: a .php page with the following code http://pastebin.com/Snd2tynM
It strips the first location from the nu-feed and takes that as source location for the player.
(I didn’t manage to get your player working, so I took another one)

So for android and windows i got it working thanks to Roel.
Who wants more info PM me.

Last question Roel do you have also for a little moment grey play button? Its for about 5 seconds.

In the beginning? No…
At the end? Sometimes… I noticed the video’s aren’t all exactly 60 seconds. Sometimes they’re 58 or 59, but I’ve set the duration of the region which shows the video to 60, so at the end it shows a play-button for 1 or 2 secons. After all, I can live with that.

I have this on android in the beginning not at the end.

Ok, I’m sorry, no idea what can cause that…
I have no Android devices active, only windows-based. Maybe that might be the cause somewhere…?