I need desperate help

Hi there.

I’m setting a second machine with Xibo player using Windows Player. We have a server running online at xibo.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br and we have two Xibo players. The first player opens the website https://bisaude.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br/pentaho/plugin/pentaho-cdf-dd/api/renderer/render?solution=public&path=Dashboads/Paineis/XIBO&file=CentroEspecialidades_cardio_atendidos.wcdf&bypassCache=true&root=bisaude.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br with no errors. The second player can’t open that same website (bisaude.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br). Both players are displaying exactly the same layout but only one can open the website above. It says there’s an authentication error, like it needs a password. I can give you a password in a private message if you’re willing to check that out. You’ll have to add the following HTML code in order to test it:

`<iframe src="https://bisaude.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br/pentaho/plugin/pentaho-cdf-dd/api/renderer/render?solution=public&path=Dashboads/Paineis/XIBO&file=CentroEspecialidades_cardio_atendidos.wcdf&bypassCache=true&root=bisaude.novohamburgo.rs.gov.br" style="height: 1080px; width:1410px"></iframe>`

On the second player, I get the following error:
HTTP Status 401 - Full authentication is required to access this resource

type Status report

message Full authentication is required to access this resource

description This request requires HTTP authentication.

Apache Tomcat/8.0.24

We set up the address to avoid using password.

This page does require authentication, If you open the link the browser it will show you form to fill in the username and password.

If username/password can be passed in the URL (or if you can make this dashboard public) then it will work in Xibo, if it always requires to fill in the credentials, then it could be a problem.
Depending on how does it cache it ie if you fill the credentials on the player one time, will it ask for it again on page reload or not - I’m afraid I do not know that as I can’t access this page (past the auth form).

I’ve fixed.

The thing is:
Windows 10 seems to have two browsers. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.
I was making the changes to Edge, not Internet Explorer 11. When I found about Internet Explorer 11 and accessed the website in question, I was able to insert a password and save it. Then, when Xibo opened the same page, not password was requested. Now it works!