I cant connect to the Log-In screen wit localhost (Xibo CMS Installation on Debian)

I cant connect with http://localhost/8080 to do my first login. I run docker-compose up -d in my Xibo Archiv.

Can you try http://localhost:8080 instead to see if the issue is resolved?

Docker by default runs on Port 80, if you are using custom ports, you will have likely used the cms_custom_ports.yml file. If you have used the custom ports yml file, you will need to run the below command instead. Please note you will need to first run docker-compose down before running the below command:

docker-compose -f cms_custom_ports.yml up -d

After the containers are running, you should then be able to access your CMS on http://localhost:8080

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the fast answer.
I alredy useed this command but i can’t connect to XIBO.
I think I forgot to install something. Do i have to install Mysql? And which Port do i have to change in the cms_custom_ports.yml. The cms-web Port or the cms-xmr Port?